Bataan: Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel

Hoping to end this year 2016 with a bang, our group decided to have some fun at the beach plus some random outdoor activities! Enjoy the summer vibes even in the BER months with unique packages got from Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel. Besides the usual write ups and review, we got some extra tips below for your planning reference 🙂

Getting There

If you are coming from Manila via public transport –

Option 1 : From Avenida terminal, ride Genesis or Bataan Transit bus heading to Balanga. Tell the driver to drop you off at Alalui, Pilar. Travel Time: 3 hours | Fare: 209 php

From Pilar, ride a jeepney going to Bagac/Morong junction. Drop off at Friendship tower. Travel Time: 30 minutes | Fare: 30 php

Friendship Tower – Intersection

From junction, wait for mini bus heading to Morong town proper. Drop off at Morong tricycle terminal going to famous beach resorts in the area like Phi-Phi and Pamarta. Travel Time: 1hour | Fare: 35 php

Mini bus going to Morong

From the terminal, rent a trike to Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel. Travel Time: 15 min | Fare: 40 per trike

Option 2: From Pasay terminal, ride Victory bus heading to Iba or Olongapo via SCTEX. Drop off at Harbor Point Mall, SBMA.Travel Time: 3 hours | Fare: 245 php

From SBMA, seek help with locals to find the mini bus/coaster going to Morong. Drop off at Morong bus terminal. Travel Time: 1 hour | Fare: 45 php

Morong Bus Terminal

From the terminal, rent a trike to Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel. Travel Time: 15 min | Fare: 40 per trike

For those who have private cars, you can refer to below location map – 

Location Map.png


(c) Morong Beach Resort and Hotel

To  give you a heads-up on your much-awaited escape, choose a package that you want to avail. You can contact the resort beforehand to reserve the dates for your stay. Contact details in this link. For our group of 10 pax, we availed the Package 2 since many of us were fine skipping the flyfish and banana bus boat ride.


At the entry of the resort, you’ll be welcomed with vibrant colors from the reception, amenities and villas. With their family-friendly decorations along the way, everyone will be fascinated to take pictures of every corner.

Entry point

      CHECK-IN TIME 2:00 PM
      CHECK-OUT TIME 12:00PM

Early check-ins were allowed subject to room availability. While waiting for the check in time frame you can roam around the resort for some pictures, order food at their restaurant or try their Adventure Park.

Lovely benches at the reception
Wooden tables at the beach front
Beach line


After the group check in, we were escorted by their staff to the room where we will be staying. It was located near the beach area which we find convenient for our water activities and bumming. The room was plain, clean and decently-sized, enough for the value paid. It includes 5 beds, cabinets, refrigerator, TV, airconditioning unit and 1 comfort room w/o hot and cold shower.

Unfortunately, here’s the only photo of our room. 3 out of 5 stars, average room for the package rate. 


This resort highlights plenty of recreation for their guests like water activities, games, sports and “Adventure Park”. During the check-in, you should be expecting stubs for every activity included in the package.

Sample stubs for our package

Unleash your childhood memories and prepare to sweat alot. We started by trying out their park which showcases obstacle courses, hanging bridge, river crossing, concert stage and bicycles.

Here we go!
Playground and obstacle course

Who’s up for cycling?

“Mini” river crossing in single rope

After the fun- exhausting activities at the adventure park, we did the refresh and swim at their kiddie and adult pools. Their adult pools which ranges from 5 – 6 feet deep were really nice and clean, good for snapping underwater photos.

Kiddie Pool
Adult pool
Make sure to bring your underwater cam!

Besides the regular pools, they also provide diving lessons with their 30 feet deep pool.

Diving Pool : Restricted 😂
Random photowall along the pool corners

Let’s move on to beach time! You need to enlist in the registration area for banana boat ride, kayaking, zipline and flyfish. Water activities starts at 8 AM until 5 PM. The resort also offers island hopping and jet ski rentals.

Zip up your lifevest for safety!
Overloaded flyfish
Fly like a man ho ho
Kayak riders

Still pumped up with the water activities, we strolled along the beach line and took good amount of photos. Prepare to be hooked up with both sea and sand!

Team Morong ❤

If you are the sporty kind of guest, the resort have basketball court, table tennis, volleyball and billiards. They can be requested from the front desk for a fee. At night time, they have videoke for rent in the entertainment area and live bands during weekend.

Entertainment area

Plenty of activities to do within a limited time, make sure to stuff up your energy!


Guests can bring their own food inside the resort but no cooking were allowed inside the rooms. There were bbq grills and kitchen stuffs that can be borrowed from the front desk. If you ran out of supplies, they have a convenience store beside the entertainment area. Make note of the corkage fees for the liquors, beers and electricity charges for cooking appliances and sound systems.

Fave spot among all – Food!

For the set menu included in package, they will be served in their “Morning Star” restaurant at time schedules. Make sure to go to the restaurant at the right time to avail your food servings. (Breakfast 7-9 AM, Lunch 11-1 PM, Dinner 7-9 PM) Our food rating – 4 stars out of 5, the servings were big and it tastes really good. The servers were a plus too!

Breakfast Meal: TJ Hotdog, Egg,  Tapa, Rice
Lunch Meal: Pancit, Sides, Chicken, Rice
Ordered set from Morning Star : Sinigang na Baboy at Isda, Liempo 👍

You really wont have a dull moment in Morong. We will definitely recommend this for corporate outings, family vacation and barkada getaways. Get more details and send inquiries through their official website: Morong Star Beach Resort.  Happy travels! ❤


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