Malabuyoc: Home for Montaneza Falls and Mainit Hot Spring

Second activity after the Canyoneering experience, we went further south to visit Malabuyoc town which is between Alegria and Ginatilan. Asides from the beaches and falls the neighboring towns are known for, Sulfur Hot Springs in Brgy Montaneza provides a refreshing additive to your itinerary.

Getting There

If you are coming from Cebu:

Go to South Cebu Terminal and ride a Bato Via Barili bus. Tell your driver to drop off at Mainit Hot Spring entrance in Malabuyoc. Fare: 120 PHP

If you are coming from Badian:

Go to Matutinao Church and wait for a bus going to Bato Via Barili, tell your driver to drop off at Mainit Hot Spring entrance in Malabuyoc. Fare: 30 PHP

You can also ask habal drivers near the hi-way for a quick ride and drive you directly to Malabuyoc. Fare: 100 -200 PHP *haggle

As soon as you enter Malabuyoc town, look out for the road-side sign below that will direct you to Mainit Spring.

Entry signage

From Brgy. Montaneza (Mainit Hot Spring Entrance), there are motorcycle drivers that will take you to the spring. Fare: 20 PHP

Habal ride for 20 php

There is a short walk from the parking area to the spring entrance.

Short walk to spring

10 Things to Know in Mainit Hot Spring

  1. Entrance Fee: 20 php per pax
  2. Picnic Tables/Cottages: 200 – 500 php
  3. Food stalls at common area
  4. Limited comfort rooms, wear your swimming attire beforehand.
  5. Do’s and Dont’s at the entrance.
  6. Swimming Attire: Any
  7. Pool Temperatures: 42,37,36.
  8. Limited pool space, share with others
  9. If youre not an avid fan of hot sulfuric pools, swim in their free flowing river and chill.
  10. Walk further from the springs and see “Mainit” mini Falls.

After the hot springs experience, you can opt to visit the nearby Montaneza Falls which is less than kilometer away. Go back to the entrance and ask locals where to head off. It will only take you 10 minute – walk to reach the opening of trekking path.

5 Things to Know in Montaneza Falls

  1. Best at daytime, full activity will take 1 hour depending on your pace.
  2. There are 7 waterfalls in the vicinity
  3. The area is developed and there are paths and stairs to follow
  4. Prepare for climbing rock boulders and mini canyoning
  5. Follow the sign: 7th watefall should be prohibited due to falling rocks


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