Badian: Downstrean Canyoneering to Kawasan

The thirst for adventure will be quenchered by heading off to this locale in Badian –  Canyoneering via Kanlaob River to Kawasan Falls.

This activity which intrigued every thrill junkie from their homes since year 2010 was recently closed for three months as per municipal order. Luckily, on the time of our visit (September 2016), it was officially reopened to check off everyone’s bucketlist.

Getting There

If you are coming from Cebu:

Go to South Cebu Terminal and ride a Bato Via Barili bus. Tell your driver to drop off at Matutinao Church in Badian. Fare: 120 PHP

If you are coming from Moalboal:

From the Moalboal town/Hiway, wait for the next bus going to Bato. Alight at Matutinao Church in Badian. Fare: 33 PHP

If you are coming from Oslob: 

Option 1: From Poblacion/Brgy Tanawan/Hiway, wait for the bus going to Cebu City, tell your driver to drop off at Barili.From Barili intersection, wait for another bus with signage Bato Via Barili and alight at Matutinao Church in Badian.

Option 2: From Poblacion/Brgy Tanawan/Hiway, wait for the bus going to Bato Terminal. When you reached the terminal, ride another bus going to Cebu City that will drive through Barili road. Alight at Matutinao Church in Badian.

Matutinao Church


If you are planning to stay overnight before or after the canyoneering activity, here are some good and budget choices:

1. La Playa Resort

Click this link for details about this resort.

2. Matutinao Beach Resort

Click this link for details about this resort.

Canyoneering Guide and Must Knows

1. Book for a reliable and licensed guide. 

First rule of thumb when you reached Matutinao Church is to find a guide. There are lots of locals that will flock towards you when you arrived at Badian, make sure that you book with a licensed one by asking for their ID’s.

Entry signage

It is also recommended to book beforehand and reserve online to lessen your worries. Here are some good contacts for your tour: Frank Coronel, Raymond Gaudiano Sande, Highland Adventure.

Briefing area

2. Know the package price and inclusions to avail.

The usual rate for the full canyoneering activity costs 1500 PHP per pax which includes transport fee, guide fee, environmental fee, gears, lifevests, water, snacks or lunch.

Lifevest and gears are required

You can either choose from downstream or upstream packages. For downstream, it will start with habal ride and 30 minute trek to the entry point of Kanlaob river going to Kawasan Falls.

Habal ride
Mini trek to entry point

For upstream, it will start from Kawasan Falls to Kanlaob river and trek vice versa.

3. Pick a reasonable schedule for your tour.

If you can choose weekdays over weekends, the better. Less lines on jump points, good photos with the view and appreciate the ambiance even more.

Way ahead!

It is recommended to start early morning at around 7-9 AM to finish the activity by 12 Noon.

Early morning practice jump at entry point

The tour schedule starts at 6AM upto 3PM only. Beyond that time are prohibited by the government.

4. Allot time for your itinerary.

Estimated time duration for normal pace is 3- 4 hours to complete the activity. This will also vary per individual and group.

Yellow Group!

Make sure to notice timings for every location, dont take too much photos on one place that will drag off your group.

5. Wear appropriate clothing for the activity.

Save yourself from scratches and bruises by wearing proper clothes. Rash guard, dry fit, leggings are definitely a must have for both boys and girls.

Promoting my Clorts shoes!

Choose shoes or outdoor sandals over slippers for safety and reduce the risk of slipping over rocks and boulders.

6. Ensure your stuffs are waterproof.

Water should be your friend and not your enemy. Keep your head clear and stress free by ensuring your stuffs are placed in dry bag or lock packs.

Aqua friendly

Go pro and other waterproof cameras are must haves instead of bringing your DSLRs.

7. Prepare your body for the activity.

Jumping, swimming, scrabbling over rocks, hanging – yes, lot of strenous physical activities that will stretch your inner muscles.

Rock scramblers everywhere

An initial warmup before the activity is recommended.

Beware from falling branches and rapid currents

8. Know your limits when to jump and when not. 

It is definitely exhilerating to take that highest leap for your one in a kind video/photo.

Take that jump

But please be careful where you jump as some parts of the river are shallow and has rapid currents.

Making his own stunt

Ask your guide first for your own safety. Be very cautious as much as you are adventurous.

Thee guide

9. Bring extra money for snacks along the way.

Eat reasonably priced food along the Kanlaob river. They sell BBQ’s, hotdogs, corn and other grilled munches that will surely replenish your energy.

Irresistible Hotdogs

10. Take and leave nothing but memories.

Lets help in maintaining the area not destroying it.

Be a responsible traveller

Immense yourself with the locals and nature, greet fellow travellers, capture good memories.

Meet new friends

Dont forget to bring extra batteries, it will easily run out. Almost all parts are post worthy!

We survived!

Kawasan Falls

The ending point for downstream canyoneering are the three level Kawasan Falls.

Level 3 – Slide and swing activity

Level 2 – 40 -50 ft cliff jumping activity

Level 1 – Falls Massage in floating bamboo rafts

You can have quick lunch/snack on native restaurants in the area.

Getting Back

From Kawasan Falls Level 1, there is a 15 minute walk to exit, going to Matutinao Church.

From the bus stop in front of church, you can either take a bus going to Bato or bus going back to Cebu City.

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