Dayhike Pico de Loro

Crossing out another mountain from our bucket list, here is a quick overview on our conquer for the Parrot’s Beak :

Departure to Pico De Loro

For a group of 13, we decided to meet up at Coastal Mall and ride a bus going directly to Ternate, Cavite. We dropped off at Ternate Terminal then rented a tricycle up to the DENR registration area.


Bus fare = 82 php
Tricycle = 150 php

If you brought a car with you, take on the Cavitex route and drive straight to NAIC. After that road, you’ll find the route going to Ternate. Ask locals and reach DENR. There are also signboards along the way which will guide you and Puerto Azul as landmark.

You can park your private vehicles in the DENR area for 50 php fee.

DENR Registration Area

Before signing up the waiver forms and paying environmental fees, you can have a quick breakfast and pee break in a store house beside the parking area.


For the hike, you have two options:

1. Hike to summit and return to Ternate. This is usual for groups having private transpo and needs to return to their cars.

2. Traverse from Ternate up to Nasugbu, Batangas. This is typical for groups who opted public transpo and wants to extend their trip in Batangas beaches.

The environmental fee and registration fee is 25 php. The trail is relatively easy to follow even without a guide. Specially during weekends where groups are flocking to Pico de Loro. Hiring a guide would be a good idea for first time climbers. The rates are from 1000-1500.

Trail uphill

The first leg of trail consists of river streams, tall trees and big bushes. Even on a bright sunny day, you’ll be sheltered with the trees.

The trail uphill to Pico usually takes 2 hours depending on your pace. Dont forget to hydrate and rest for a while.

Preview of Parrot’s beak. (c) chylgmz

Resting station

The station before summit has an amazing view of the parrot like beak of the mountain. This is where you can find most of the hikers who pitch tents and relax in hammocks.


There are food stalls where you can buy food and drinks, most of the prices are higher than the usual. Its best to take your packed lunch in the station as you need energy for the next set of trail.


Reaching the summit

The next trail is the hardest of all set as most are steep and slippery. There are local guides who assist tourists for safety.

In just a while, you’ll reach the summit and prepare for a panoramic view of Batangas and Cavite. The experience is all worth it.

Next favorite for hikers is the Monolith, it’s a big rock next to Pico de loro’s summit. Most of the daredevils never miss to try this one out. #BuwisBuhay

Return to reality

After the summit and monolith survival, we followed the traverse trail going to Batangas. The return time is approximately 2 hours. At the exit point, you need to list your names in the waiver forms to ensure that you safely exit the area.

Pico de Loro from the ground. (c) chylgmz

There are no jeepneys along the area but you can rent a tricycle from Nasugbu highway and bring you to Nasugbu town. The cost per tricycle is 500 php, which is divided to our group. From the Nasugbu town, there is a terminal near Mang Inasal where you can ride buses going to Manila for 155 php.

Side trip Ideas

After the hike, you can spend some time along the beaches of Nasugbu, Batangas. If you can extend your stay, you can pitch tents or rent an accomodation near the beach.


It’s not going to be easy, but it’s all gonna be worth it. Never miss #SiPicoDeLoro ✌


10 thoughts on “Dayhike Pico de Loro

    1. Thank you, cbholganza.

      Although, kaya naman po siya, at own risk nalang po siguro. May waiver po siya sa entrance ng DENR regarding medical constraints. For me, i guess kaya nyo po hanggang Summit Campsite. Maganda po ung view and overlook na din ang summit 🙂

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