Staycation at Azure

Stressed from work?
Need a break?
Finding summer beach vibes in the city?

Try out Azure Urban Residences.

Azure is famous for one-of-a-kind man made beach inside a private residential community which is located in Paranaque city. There are lots of amenities that residents and guests can enjoy while having the concept that everyone is on a vacation everyday.

Here is a quick overview on our 2 day – 1 night stay in this sassy lifestyle condo:

How to book for a room?

Finding a rental unit is not that hard though, most of the owners are posting ads on social networks and blogs to promote their area and amenities to the public.

For our case, we had Ate Maria’s Place for our stay. It’s a 1 bedroom unit that can accomodate 2-4 persons. You can just call or text her via her number: 0906-244-6851 or 0917-772-4194
and reserve the room dates. The room costs 3,500 per night and may change depending on how long your stay will be. The payment will be made on the day of your arrival in the unit.

What does our room look like?

Black and white themed room, clean and decent for a nice stay. The room has basic necessities like kitchen appliances, utensils and mats. Equipped with cable television, fast wifi and cool airconditioning unit. You can feel at home while in the unit without spending too much.

Here is a sample photo from her page:

The room also has a balcony with overview of Paranaque city. Get lost with the street lights at night.


How did we get there?

We are based from Sampaloc, Manila. The fastest public transpo to get there is via PNR train. The station nearest to Azure is the Bicutan Exit. It’s easy to find as you’ll see lots of sign board and SM Bicutan as the main landmark.

From the train station, you’ll just cross the walkway going to SM and 5 mins walk to the entrance of Azure.

What to do in Azure?

1. Have fun and swim in their pools. The area has three pools, the olympic pool, wave pool and beach pool. For guests, they are allowed to swim in wave and beach pools.


The waves are pretty exciting and slammering. Having floaters while on a wave is a good idea.


2. Color your skin in tan while relaxing on their beach chairs. Experience stretches of sand along their beach pool.


3. If you have kids with you, they will definitely enjoy the playground in the center of the beach pool. Even kids by heart will surely take time to play. 🙂


4. Enjoy party music and splurge on beer during weekend nights on the beach bar. If you’re lucky on your visit, you may even chill with the invited bands who play music on their bar.

5. Explore Paris Hilton Club. Almost all of the amenities you can think of is here, the gym, karaoke room, game room, playground for toddlers and pavilions for events.


6. Sip some frappes and taste cakes in their very own cafe. They also have snacks, ice creams and picas.

7. If youre just tired of all the activities on the ground floor and wants to experience cool breeze on top of a building. There is an open roof deck for residents and guests on the peak floor.

Overlooking are the paranaque area, the airport and taguig area. This is a nice place to have fun chitchats with barkada, dinner date with a special someone or watch fireworks with your family.

Are there any tips/suggestions for this stay?

1. On Mondays, the pools are closed for cleaning. So take note of that when you schedule your visit.

2. Make sure to bring proper swimming clothes. It is not allowed to swim without appropriate clothing.

3. Before you go to the swimming pool, make sure to register first in the club area. There you will be given entrance tags for the pool area.


4. If you are looking for shower rooms after swimming, you can find them in the club area near the registration.

5. The cafe menus are quite expensive, specially if youre a big group. To cut off costs, you can opt to bring raw foods and cook it in your units.

6. If you need to buy food supplies, you can opt to shop in SM Bicutan before entering Azure.

7. For immediate personal hygiene supplies and goodies, there is a small shop beside the cafe where you can buy these items.

8. If you need to call in phone for contact, you can ask from the lobby personnel in the club area.

9. WiFi section is in the resting lounge in the ground floor of the club area. Mobile network is good anywhere in the area.

Overall, we had fun in this short staycation! We really love to recommend this one out, not only for short stays but also for long rentals.

Cant wait for the opening of two more buildings in Azure!


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